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Do you want to lead in an inspiring way and achieve incredible business results whilst doing so?

Do you want to manage teams efficiently and turn your company into a well-oiled machine?

Do you want to truly thrive and rise to the absolute top?

Join the club!

How wonderful to know that this is both possible and within reach. All you have to do is clearly define your way forward and create a plan of action. Everything you need to achieve your goal is already within you, waiting to be developed and used.





This trajectory is the right shout for you if

You want to be an authentic, inspiring and innovative leader in digital times
You want to inspire agile teams who quickly change gears in the VUCA world
You want to lift yourself and your leadership skills to a higher level
You want to build peak-performing teams so your organisation can flourish and grow
You want to get rid of your internal saboteurs once and for all
You quickly want a powerful and lasting transformation
You want to work in a goal-oriented, focussed and structured way
You and your team want to spring into action, as one unit, in an enthusiastic and optimistic way

Accelerate your business results

By providing authentic leadership, you will become a true inspiration for your team, allowing you to shift up a gear together. Finding answers to your questions goes smoothly, attracting the right people and opportunities is effortless, (inter)personal relationships become stronger and you experience an extraordinary inner peace. You replenish trust directly at the source, because of you yourself!

After the trajectory

1. You will know how to enthuse your team to work in a self-managing, entrepreneurial and digital way

2. You will have a deep understanding of what is holding you back

3. You will be able to manage your team(s) with efficient communication

4. You will have a support trajectory with the necessary tools to deal with your saboteurs

5. You will have teams that work future-proof and are tech-savvy

6. You will be confident, stronger, and more precise when it comes to your organisation

7. You will know how to turn difficult conversations into constructive dialogues

8. You will have enthusiastic executive and at the same time critical thinking teams

9. You will have fresh ideas and new energy to go against it

10. You will have a plan of action, clear focus and most importantly, feel motivated

How are we going to do that?

You will complete two valuable coaching assessments
We analyse the results together and you will gain insight into your focal points
We discuss the goals you want to achieve
We investigate what it takes to make you excel in this area
You go home with a specific action plan

Join forces for a job well done!

Future leaders have their say

Take a giant leap forwards with minimal effort
Grow exponentially through performant leadership

Meet your Coach

Hi, I’m Astrid Niels,

A dynamic ICF Professional Certified Coach, motivating speaker and a highly enthusiastic trainer. With around 1,500 coaching and training hours under my belt, I am happy to show you the way forward. In my FREE COACHING VIDEO (Keynote Speech) I will explain how I did this based on my personal life story.

You can download the video for free here.


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COVID-19 and social distancing?

We always comply strictly with the rules imposed by the Belgian National Security Council.

How do I pay?

You pay via the secure PayPal method and then receive the invoice in your mailbox. Please make sure to check your junk folder.

How do I know whether this is right for me?

If you confidently answered ‘yes’ to the previous questions and your gut feeling encourages you to participate.

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